Professional cleaning company
in Copenhagen, Denmark

Our finest job is to provide you with thorough cleaning and high standards. In our office we speak both Danish, English, German, Polish and Hungarian. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiry.

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Office cleaning in Copenhagen

We are your professional cleaning company providing office cleaning in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Through our many years of existence we have gathers knowledge and understanding of what offices needs for their cleaning services. Accordingly, we provide high quality, effective cleaning for your office in Copenhagen.

We already have a lot of experience with foreign companies' office branch in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have served anything from embassies like the Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen, to large multi-national tech company Huawei, and over to smaller branches like the engineering consultants at Buro Happold Limited. Also in our international portofolio is the Copenhagen store of pan-European retail chain Bauhaus.

Our administrations team

Nordiclean was founded in 2007 as a family operation. However, the focus on quality and personal involvement quickly made the company bloom into what it is today.

Our aim is not to become the biggest cleaning company in Copenhagen. Our aim is to be the best. With attention to detail and i high care for our customers.

When you are in need of a cleaning company in Copenhagen, we are your safe choice. In between our administrative staff we speak 5 diffesent languages, which are:

  • Danish
  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • Hungarian

So regardless of your corporate language, we have the linguistic skills to service your needs.

Window cleaning in Copenhagen, Denmark

When you are a customer of ours, we can provide you with a long option of services to help your office along.

Besides offering top quality cleaning in Copenhagen, we also provides you with a thorough and effective window cleaning.

To include window cleaning in your service package from Nordiclean is a great option. You will not only collect all your service needs with the same operator, we will also be able to make your whole office shine - including the windows.

With our window cleaning in Copenhagen your windows are well taken care of. It will give a better light and a nice view for you to enjoy.

Call us today to hear which services we can provide for your business in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Professional door mats

The entrance is a high profile area for any business. This is where the employees enter and needs to feel motivated for the day. This is where the guests have their first impression of your Copenhagen branch.

The door mat is literally the entrance to your business. So make sure it is a professional one!

With Nordiclean Door Mats you are sure to have the highest quality door mats for your entrance. Both if you are looking for a door mat with your logo, or a more low-profile one. Our door mats are the best quality high-twist nylon with rubber underneath so it stays in place.

In between the cleaning your door mat will help keep the office neat and with a good hygiene, and will also help to protect your floors.

A door mat is a great option to your office cleaning in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Towel and laundry service

Wether you use your own hand towels and kitchen towel, or you would like to rent from us, your Nordiclean Towel & Laundry Service a a first class choice.

Our laundry facilities are approved by the municipality, and is every year quality inspected by the acclaimed Technological Institute of Denmark.

The soaps are fragrant-fee to avoid allergic reactions. This gives the best working environment for your staff and guests.

Toilet paper, kitchen rolls, hand soaps and other consumables

As another great option, we can supplement your office cleaning in Copenhagen with supplies of consumables.

Consumables are typically things like toilet paper, kitchen rolls, hand soap, dishwasher soaps and other.

We provide a multiple choice of high-quality consumables to accompany your office cleaning in Copenhagen. We will keep an eye on what is left in the stock room and either make an automatic order or notify you so you can make the order. Like this, you can concentrate of servicing your customers and guests while we take care for you.

Contact us today, to head more about which options we can provide for your office cleaning in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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